Submissions closed January 2017

Here Comes Everyone magazine is looking for submissions of poetry, fiction, articles and artwork. We encourage bold and/or striking interpretations upon the theme.
For our next issue, we’re encouraging writers and artists worldwide to explore ideas related to Toys & Games. As always, we’re looking for interesting and unique interpretations of the theme. Some thinking points to get you started:

  • Video games. War games. Card games. Olympic games. Drinking games. Board games. Mind games. But is life the most frustrating game of all?
  • What’s the worst that can happen if you toy with someone’s affections?
  • Why does it matter if kids’ stuff gets marketed to gender stereotypes?
  • Tools, gadgets and hi-tech shavers: just toys for grown men?
  • Are we all pawns in the hands of our puppet-masters?
  • “WHAT’S IN THE BOX?” Do untouched collectibles defeat the point? At what point does an ‘interest’ evolve into a ‘collection’? (And when does a collection teeter over into obsession?)
  • Is there anything poetic about a dildo?