Submissions Now Closed! (Window ended: 8th August 2021)

Here Comes Everyone magazine is looking for submissions of poetry, short fiction, articles and artwork. We encourage bold and/or striking interpretations of the theme: GODS AND MONSTERS.

For our upcoming issue, we’re inviting creative people worldwide to dive in and explore any ideas surrounding topics that you feel relate to ‘gods’ and/or ‘monsters’.

As always, we’re seeking interesting and unique interpretations of the theme. Share your stories, images and perspectives with us. Here are a few thinking points to get you started:

  • What does a “monster” look like to you?
  • When we idolise someone just as fallible as we are, what’s the worst that can happen?
  • How similar are the deities of ancient civilisations? Despite the differences across cultures, do they all come from the same collective imagination?
  • Most children grow up hearing stories about monsters. Which were urban myths, and which were real things that others had seen and survived?
  • Picture a totalitarian regime where you must worship your political leader like a god and turn a blind eye to all their monstrous behaviours. How would you fight against it?
  • A monument of a God can veil the actions of a Monster. Is there a name for the transitional point where the lines between them start to blur?
  • Is it a negative or a positive to not be omniscient?
  • What if you rejected your imaginary friend because they’d become a monster…but they refused to go away?
  • Will the western world eventually replace organised religion with other ideologies and traditions?
  • Are cats deities who desire to be pampered, or evilly scheming to enslave humanity and take over the world?