Submissions are closed, thank you to everyone for submitting your work!

Here Comes Everyone magazine is looking for submissions of poetry, fiction, articles and artwork. We encourage bold and/or striking interpretations upon the theme TOMORROW.

For The Tomorrow Issue, we’re inviting writers worldwide to venture into the future and discuss/explore their ideas surrounding technology, science-fiction, space exploration, and any other topics that you feel relate to ‘Tomorrow’.

As always, we’re looking for interesting and unique interpretations of the theme. Share your stories and perspectives with us. Some thinking points to get you started:

  • What event in the past would you change; how will it affect the present, and the future?
  • Will robots, aliens or mutants one day rule the earth? How will they take over, and when? Will we fight back, will we win?
  • Consider the implications that newer technology such as drone cameras, virtual reality headsets, self driving cars, smartphones, smart assistants etc. have on our safety, security and privacy.
  • What’s on the edge of the universe, who lives there?
  • Why do you think we’re undergoing a ‘retro revival’? (vinyl discs, cathode ray televisions and vintage wireless radios).
  • What will happen to the world at midnight?
  • What if we encountered an alien race LESS advanced than our own?
  • Consider the depictions of the present in past works, how do they differ from our reality?
  • Who will YOU be 20 years from now? What will you be doing?
  • Are there loopholes in Asimov’s ‘Laws of Robotics’?