For the East & West Issue, we’re encouraging writers worldwide to challenge or explore cultural identity, migration, diversity, relationships, conflict and any other topics that you feel relate to East & West. Like the issues before it, we’re looking for interesting and unique interpretations of the theme. Share your stories and perspectives with us. Some thinking points to get you started:

  • Is Donald Trump’s wall strong enough to hold his ego in?
  • Will migration change cultural policies in urban settings?
  • Will Brexit break Britain, or just burden Brussels?
  • Does growing up in different neighbourhoods change how we see the overall city?
  • Is ‘The West’ a place or a state of mind? (Australia and New Zealand, geographically East, but culturally West?)
  • Dual heritage, cultural pluralisms. What are some experiences of people whose lives are a mix of both East and West?
  • Is it good to be a global community?
  • Capitalism, Socialism, Communism, Fascism, Liberalism: where is it in the world? Why is it there?
  • Have Western impressions of the East changed over time, or vice versa? (Why do Westerners typically think places like Japan are weird? Do Eastern cultures think the USA and Britain are weird?)